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Arkisto: August 2008

Imperialism out of the Caucasus, the Middle East, Afghanistan!

For a Socialist Federation of Caucasian peoples!Down with capitalist restoration and bourgeois Bonapartism- for a new Union of Soviet Socialist Republics! 1. The five days war in Caucasus between the Georgian pro-imperialist Saakashvili regime and Russia has not solely a major regional and local importance but world significance. There are ...» Lue lisää

South Ossetia: Huge stakes behind a war over a miniscule territory

Written by Sungur Savran Thursday, 14 August 2008 “Serbia is a sovereign nation and its territorial integrity should be respected.” Had George Bush said what he said about Georgia from Beijing about Serbia as well, this is how he would have approached the so-called independence of Kosovo! The truth, of ...» Lue lisää

Nationalists give Radovan Karadzic to imperialism

Statement by the Balkan Socialist Federation “Christian Rakovsky” Imperialism has nothing to boast about the “capture” of Radovan Karadzic in Belgrade, Serbia, on July 21, 2008: the Bosnian Serb nationalist leader, formerly a protégé by the late Slobodan Milosevic, was cynically given to European and American imperialism and their ‘International ...» Lue lisää

Turkey: Putschist generals to the docks! The political civil war of the bourgeisie deepens

by Sungur Savran Turkey is being convulsed by the successive waves of arrest of members of a certain wing of the Turkish Gladio (the “Kontrgerilla” in Turkish) and of putschist generals who plotted against the semi-Islamist AKP government in 2003 and 2004. The Kontrgerilla is responsible for innumerable assassinations and ...» Lue lisää