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The AKP government at bay

The evacuation of Gezi Park by the police on the night of 15 June through the ample use of tear gas, and for the first time chemically enhanced water cannon, has not extinguished the fire of rebellion in Turkey.» Lue lisää


The enemies of the people embrace! Build solidarity between the working classes of Greece and Turkey! Greece is in flames. The world economic crisis of the capitalist system has descended upon the country in extremely intensified form and left the economy face to face with bankruptcy.» Lue lisää

Stop the Zionist terror unleashed on the people of Gaza!

Statement of the Christian Rakovsky Balkan Socialist Center Israeli troops out of Gaza immediately! Victory to the Palestinian Resistance! Down with the Zionist state! For a free, united, secular, socialist Republic in the entire historic territory of Palestine embracing the Arabs and the Jews! The murderous war of extermination unleashed ...» Lue lisää

Statement of the Balkan Socialist Centre “Christian Rakovsky”

Statement of the Balkan Socialist Centre “Christian Rakovsky” No to the US/EU imperialists’ operation of a fake “independence” of Kosovo! Yes to the right of national self-determination of all the Balkan peoples! For a Socialist Federation of the Balkans! The declaration of the “independence” of Kosovo has nothing to do ...» Lue lisää