Workers’ Revolutionary Party to contest the European elections on an international list

Workers’ Revolutionary Party (EEK – Trotskyists) is contesting the ensuing European Elections in June on an independent and internationalist list.

The battle of European elections does not concern each country separately. The worldwide capitalist crisis and its consequences cannot be faced within the borders of each country separately, with each country’s national supplies alone. An international and internationalist solution is required on a European and world-wide scale. The European Union is incompetent to give a solution to the crisis, after it all it constitutes the main part of the crisis itself. The E.U. cannot express the people of Europe and its working class. It is a pack of wolves by the monopolies and the finance capital. A union of Europe is necessary on a workers’ socialist base by the overthrow of capitalist governments and their states. Candidates for the EEK(WRP) list , are militants of the revolutionary Left in Greece and from countries of the European Union, that fight for a workers’ revolutionary and international solution, against the unprecedented crisis of world capitalism.

These militants come from England, Italy, Belgium, Finland who together with the Greek Trotskyists of EEK(WRP), conduct the battle on a European scale:

• For a revolutionary socialist program out of the capitalist crisis.

The crisis to be paid by the capitalists not the workers.

• Down with EU of monopolies – A United Socialist Europe

• Down with the corrupted right-wing government of bankers, industrialists and ship-owners and with whatever ensuing government set to simple manage the crisis in Greece and Europe. – Workers’ Power

• In the path of continuing the revolt of December

Press office of EEK, 30 April 2009

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