Support the metal workers of Turkey!

In Turkey, over 100 000 metal workers are preparing for a massive strike in the beginning of February. Metal sector consists among other things foundries and manufacturing cars and white goods It is also the strategic core of Turkey’s export industry. Negotions between workers and owners were long but did not bear any fruit. In the point of view of class truggle, metal workers have historically been the part of working class that is most willing to fight.

Marxist Worker’s League supports unconditionally the struggle of metal workers of Turkey against local and global capital and proclaims full solidarity to their strike. We also declare that if the state forbids strikes, we support the workers’ right to resist such an illegal act by all means. Workers have the right to defend their right to strike, for example occupying workplaces.

MWL appeals to finnish metal workers and trade unions to show concrete solidarity to turkish metal workers. We appeal also to other working class parties, progressive organizations and activists to show solidarity to metal workers of Turkey and against more and more despotic president Erdogan.


Marxist Workers’ League

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