What will NATO membership cost? – Invitation to event

Marxist Workers’ League (MTL) – Invitation

What will NATO membership cost?

Finland joined NATO after an unprecedented media intimidation campaign, where
all dissenting voices were suppressed and labelled as Putin’s trolls. Now that the membership is achieved, the membership fees are due.

While the coalition has announced 6 billion worth of cuts aimed at healthcare, social security and for education, more weapons are already ordered from the United States and Israel.

The discussion event will be held online as well as in Oodi. Short contributions will come from three countries. Sister parties from Greece and Turkey will open up the discussion from the geopolitical mess of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East. DIP (Revolutionary Workers Party) and EEK (Workers Revolutionary Party) represent the working class from two NATO countries, which have often been on the brink of war.

Another contribution will come from an organization in Russia that shares a long common border with us.

What must be done if NATO decides to escalate the war in Ukraine to the Baltic Sea or Finland?

The event is free of charge and it can also be followed remotely via the link that will be announced later. The presentations and discussions will be recorded and uploaded to YouTube.

Come and discuss the political and economic aspects of the cost of NATO membership
– on Sunday 21.5. from 10:00 to 15:00
– Central library Oodi Room 8

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