Video: Savvas Michail-Matsas – “The Situation in Europe and Greece – the Challenges for Trotskyism”

From August 21st to 25th, the 2nd International Trotsky Meeting was held live and online in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The 1st International Meeting was held in Havana, Cuba. Between the two Meetings, due to the pandemic, online international Conferences intervened. Representatives of leftist and Trotskyist parties, organizations, movements of various political tendencies and historical traditions, together with independent Marxist intellectuals from all over the world participated to this meeting. On August 24th there was a Round Table on “A Global Overview of Trotskyism Today” where our comrade from EEK, Savvas Michail-Matsas spoke on “The Situation in Europe and Greece – the Challenges for Trotskyism”. To watch the video of his speech click here.

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