The Greek revolt mobilizes in solidarity to working class hero Kostandina Kuneva

More than 60 class struggle trade unions, very active during the Greek revolt after the assassination of young Alexis last December, mobilized today, January 22, 2009 about 10.000 workers in Athens in a combative demonstration of solidarity to the Bulgarian immigrant worker and militant trade unionist Kostandina Kuneva who was savagely attacked with sulfuric acid by a death squad on December 22.

In the frontline of the demonstration were the banner of the All Attica Trade Union of Cleaners and House Personnel, Kostandina’s union, and a chain of Greek and immigrant Bulgarian workers together, including the mother of comrade Kuneva.

The other unions followed and then contingents of left Parties and organizations, of Synaspismos / Syriza, of  SEK (SWP), the anarchist Anti-Authoritarian Movement, organizations of the left alliances Enantia and Mera, including a strong contingent of EEK. The Stalinist KKE did not participate. It has chosen the same day and hour to organize another meeting in a stadium far away, where its general secretary Aleca Papariga  spoke on the crisis, mainly criticizing the other parties in parliament( with obvious electoralist aims).

“Kostandina, you are not alone- State and bosses, you are the murderers!” this was the main slogan of the march towards the Ministry of Labour, near Omonia Square, at the center of Athens. The demonstrators stood shouting slogans in front of the riot police guarding the Ministry. The police tried to interrupt the march, and soon clashes started with the riot police launching, as usual, their chemical war with clouds of tear gas and the people putting fire to dustbins to diffuse the tear gas and throwing a rain of stones to the State repression forces.

Similar marches in solidarity to Kostandina took place the same day in Thessalonica and Ioannina. Against the will of the traditional anti-Bulgarian Greek chauvinism, the greatest hero of the Greek proletariat today is a Bulgarian woman!

Another march in solidarity to Kostandina is planned for January 31st, in Piraeus.

Tomorrow, a mass demonstration of students and professors will take place to defend the public character of the Universities in Greece against privatization and in defense of the right of asylum in the University space.

La luta continua!



Athens 22 January 2009

_______Savas Michael



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