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Appeal to the workers’ movement and the left in Cyprus, Greece and Turkey

The EEK (Revolutionary Workers’ Party) of Greece and the DİP (the Initiative for the Revolutionary Workers’ Party) of Turkey, both sections of the CRFI in their respective countries, note with disgust the outrageous statement by the Turkish actor Atilla Olgaç … Lisää …

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Greece: the peasants in revolt too

A new explosive element entered the situation, already destabilized both economically and politically in Greece, particularly after the December revolt: the peasants, who in their vast majority in Greece are small proprietors of land, (owing about 42 acres each peasant … Lisää …

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The Greek revolt mobilizes in solidarity to working class hero Kostandina Kuneva

More than 60 class struggle trade unions, very active during the Greek revolt after the assassination of young Alexis last December, mobilized today, January 22, 2009 about 10.000 workers in Athens in a combative demonstration of solidarity to the Bulgarian … Lisää …

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Raportointi Kreikasta: The Greek revolt in a new phase

With the mass demonstration in Athens on January 9, 2009, the popular revolt that erupted in Greece the night of December 6, 2008, after the killing of the 15 years old Alexis Grigoropoulos entered a new phase.

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Pysäyttäkää sionismin suorittama kansanmurha

Israelin suorittama hävityssota Gazassa on ns. ”lopullisen ratkaisun” yksi muoto. Lopullisen ratkaisun tielle sionismi on lähtenyt lukemattomia kertoja aikaisemminkin. Selittelyt siitä, että pitäisi tehdä loppu Hamasin ampumista kotitekoisista ”raketeista” eivät kestä arvostelua. Tätä hävitystä on suunniteltu siitä asti kun siirtokunnat … Lisää …

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Stop the Zionist terror unleashed on the people of Gaza!

Statement of the Christian Rakovsky Balkan Socialist Center Israeli troops out of Gaza immediately! Victory to the Palestinian Resistance! Down with the Zionist state! For a free, united, secular, socialist Republic in the entire historic territory of Palestine embracing the … Lisää …

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Päivittäinen raportointi Kreikasta: The Greek revolt continues in 2009

From our Diary of Struggle New Year’s Eve Perhaps we did not succeeded to burn again the hated Christmas tree of the right wing Mayor of Athens as it was done before Christmas, but we successfully organized a major intervention … Lisää …

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The revolutionary year 2009

New Year Statement by the Central Committee of EEK THE REVOLUTION IN GREECE IS THE FIRST SIGN OF A WORLD IN FLAMES! 1.     The December 2008 popular revolt in Greece sent the message to the entire world showing in practice … Lisää …

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