Hands off the Kurdish population in Finland and Sweden

«We have been sold to Turkey for the membership in NATO” told Amineh Kakabave, a female Kurdish member of the Swedish parliament. Similar comments were also given from the Kurdish community in Finland. Turkey has given a list with names of Kurds demanding their deportation. Both countries have accepted the demands of Turkey.

These people are mostly Finnish or Swedish citizens or people who have got the asylum. These issues were “holy” principles for the Scandinavian countries. Now every single democratic right is under huge threat. As it was stressed in the conference of Rakovsky Center last weekend, the time of neutral positions is over. We live in the era of a worldwide confrontation, where every country is forced to “choose” their side and take an active role in this confrontation. Especially Finland is going to be used as the new bastion of NATO in a war against Russia.

MTL condemns the leadership of Sweden and Finland for surrendering in the demands of Turkey and NATO to betray Kurdish origin citizens and promises to continue the fight for their rights and the fight in order to break away from NATO’s bloody projects. MTL appeals to the radical and revolutionary forces and individuals in Scandinavia and in the other countries around Baltic Sea to gather together carry out the unity of the working class and all proletariat in order to fight for a program for the defeat on NATO and imperialist states and for the abolish of the capitalist mode of production in the process of the building the socialist society.


On behalf of MTL

Dimitris Mizaras


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