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On Tuesday, September 3 will be judged the leader of Greek EEK, Savas Matsas. He is charged by the fascist party Golden Dawn of “defamation” for having published in the newspaper of the EEK, New Perspective, in 2009, that Golden Dawn is a nazi organization that promotes xenophobic attacks against immigrants. It has also been accused of “incitement to violence and discord” and “disturbing public order”. Fascists seek to present themselves as innocent and peaceful citizens, and use the bourgeois state and its institutions to organize a political offensive against the workers opposition and left.

With this they want to muzzle the press from left. With Savas Matsas, alongside the same day will also be judged the former rector of the University of Athens, Constantino Moutzouris, accused of having allowed the operation of the lternative website Indymedia Athens.

The Greek police acts in complicity with the fascists of Golden Dawn, who are not detained or repressed, while they unload their sticks and bullets against the people and organizations who are fighting. Meanwhile Justice does not investigate murders and attacks on immigrants by cowardly brackets of Golden Dawn, instead intimidates workers wrestlers and left.

For a great mobilization in Greece and around the world: stop the trail of Savas Matsas and Constantino Moutzouris.

Confront the fascist squads with the unique front and street mobilization from the left and the combative labor movement.

Sections of the CRFI and political, social, cultural and human rights organizations from all continents are promoting the following international petition before Greek justice, which we request the solidarity in their support and dissemination.


Petition before the courts of the Greek State to stop the trail of Savas Michael-Matsas

The nazi organization “Golden Dawn” has launched a lawsuit against Savas Michael-Matsas, in his position  as Secretary-General of the EEK, accusing him of “defamation” and “incitement to physical attacks”. At the same time, the nazis circulate online photos of Savas Michael with the fierce anti-Semitic appeal “Hit the Jewish vermin”. The Greek State authorities have accepted the demand for defamation and prosecution of Savas Michael will take place in the courts of Athens on September 3, 2013.

We strongly denounce this witch hunt launched by the nazis, with the connivance of the Greek authorities, and demand an end to the persecution of Savas Michael and all anti-fascists.





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