”Nakba” Day must not be forgotten! – 10.5.2016

Once a year, in all the sovereign countries, Independence Day or National Day is celebrated. In the historic region of Palestine – in the Middle East – people commemorates May 15 as the day of the disaster. In 1948, the Palestinian people lost the first parts of their homeland, and the process has continued the same way throughout the whole existence of the State of Israel. Today, the Zionist state has occupied the whole of Palestine.

”Nakba” is Arabic and means destruction. On the 15th of May in 1948 a massive expulsion of the Palestinian people was launched, and eventually the wall of shame was constructed as part of the so-called final solution. The road towards a Zionist State was first started after the First World War, when Palestine became a British protectorate (League of Nations Mandate, under British control in 1920) after the decay of the Ottoman Empire.

In Palestine lived 83 790 Jews in the year 1922. By 1931 the number had increased to 175 138 and in 1945 it was 553 600 people. In 25 years, the Jewish proportion of the total population increased from 11 per cent up to 31 per cent. These figures were also significantly affected by the expulsion of the Palestinian people. Inside of the newly established State of Israel dwelt one million Palestinians before the 1948 war. By the end of the war the same year, the Palestinian population was down to 150 000. Many Palestinians fled the terror on the civilian population exerted by the Zionist commandos.

All from start, the Israeli State has been set up as the gendarme for the US in the region. Israel has been supported financially and politically by the US, as well as quietly been equipped with nuclear weapons. The US constantly makes use of its veto in the United Nations to block any decision unfavorable of the occupation and the apartheid policies of Israel.

We reminisce Nakba Day and call for a free Palestinian state in which all people may live in peace, regardless of their nationality as well as religious and political beliefs. We demand a Palestine without racism, oppression and exploitation, and claim the right of all Palestinian refugees who wants to, to return to their homeland.

Antiracism Oulu


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